Panasonic Servo Motor Set-up

Acuity Laser Measurement Line Scanner 

Acuity laser  Long Range measurement

Long Range

Laser Measurement

Industrial Analog Lasers for Tough Construction Applications



Problem Solving Engineering Designs and Software for Complete Monitoring 



Custom Engineered Lights LED and others



Machinery Design and Solution Solving Applications

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Application Videos

Ultra Precision

White Light Confocal

RGB Technology for Tough Lab and Medical Applications 


Quality-Data Collection

2-D / 3/D Laser Line Scanners and Software

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We Custom Design Products to meet O.E.M. specifications for Tough Applications

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Control Panels

Process Control

Custom Wired Panel Services for all Industries

Process Control

Wireless Monitoring

Manufacturing and Plant Processing 24/7

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Nebula works with all Industries, Offering Solutions 

Precision Analog

Laser Measurement

Industrial Analog Short Range for Material Processing 

Acuity laser  2-D Profile Laser Measurement 


Digital / Analog

Industrial sensors and controls for Processing and Manufacturing